May 30 for 30-Day 10

Shoulder taps-10 each side

Plank taps-Try to get hand as close to foot as possible. 10 each side

Fire hydrant-10 each side

Repeat 3 sets

A1. Rear elevated split squat-Start with 6 reps on each leg. Then right back to 5 reps each leg. Continue all the way to 1.

The goal is to complete as quick as possible with little to no rest between sets.

Repeat for 2 sets. Rest after the first round is done.

B1. 1.5 Bodyweight squat- Descend down Into the squat, come up halfway then back down into the squat before standing up. This is 1 rep.

Perform 12 reps

B2. Single leg glute bridge- focus on the back staying flat, extending up and squeezing glutes at the top of the movement. Bring foot closer to glutes for more work. Perform 10 reps each leg.

Complete 3 sets

C1. Plank reach-Stay as flat as possible. Try to avoid the body twisting side to side. Fully extend atm out controlling the movement. Perform 10 reps each arm.

C2. Pushup- Any variation that works for you. No pushups on knees.

Perform 8 reps

Complete 3 sets

D1. Alternating lunges- perform 8-10 reps each leg. On the last rep, pause at the bottom of the lunge for 5 seconds.

D2. Rkc plank- 45 to 60 seconds.

Complete 3 sets


Perform 8- 10 jump squats. Every minute on the minute(Remember EMOM) for 3 minutes.

Example: if it takes you 30 seconds to complete the reps, you would rest for 30 seconds then repeat.

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