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Onsite Trainig

Personal Training

Personal training is built around relationships. We want to know your goals and we work relentlessly to get you there. No cookie cutter programs, each workout is based on your history, fitness level, goals, strength, and experience, all in a 1-on-1 or semi-private(small group) setting. 

Monthly packages starting at $400

57fit Camps

We offer a Womens Worth and a blended camp. Both camps were designed to educate individuals on nutrition, movement, strength, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We keep the numbers small enough for a community feel with people of all ages who want to WORK. All fitness levels are welcome and WE DON'T SHAME ANYONE! This journey is about YOU but you don't have to sweat alone.

$600/12 week camp (24 sessions)

Online Coaching

Fitness delivered to you customized and electronically. Each workout is tailored to the results you desire. You'll receive nutritional guidance, weekly workouts, check-ins, and accountability, all in a monthly format for your convenience.

Online coaching $200 monthly

Onsite Training

Information available upon request.


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