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Your Success Is Our Success.

 I am a Realtor based out of Minneapolis, live in Woodbury with my wife and son. I met Marcus during college. I have always been a decent and consistent runner but due to injuries have slowed down. I have always been very intimidated by the weight room but Marcus made it a judge-free environment and has since helped me meet goals I never thought I could. He also helped me see the holistic connection between food, cardio, weight training, and fun. It starts with small things, folks!


Ever since high school, I have been a long distance runner and have mainly focused on cardio for my fitness the last 15 years. Two years ago I was injured badly enough training for a half marathon with a repetitive motion injury that I  was unable to go past 1 mile without extreme pain in my lower legs.  My physical therapist shared with me that a lot of my issues stemmed from a lack of balanced muscle development to support my high running activity.  Because I needed to change my approach, I called up my friend and former colleague Marcus Watson, as I knew he was developing his own training business.  I trusted that he would be able to help me reshape my strength and approach to fitness.

Over the last two years Marcus helped me to regain confidence in myself by teaching me how to be at home in the weight room and how to incorporate different cardio methods without re-injuring my body. My overall strength has increased immensely, and I am now able to re-introduce cardio in my routine without pain.  I still hope to get back to running, but I am stronger than ever now and have some new goals to challenge me thanks to Marcus. 

If you are looking for a support system that will challenge you to become better, check out my friend and 57 FIT!



I came to Marcus because almost 2 years ago I was injured in a freak workout accident, and had lost pretty much any hope for working out in a way I enjoyed forever. In the 7 months I've been going to him, I've gained back range of motion, movement, and confidence, all while in an encouraging setting. Marcus has a way of getting you to do something you'd never thought you'd be able to do, in a way that you don't realize, until you see the progress you're making once you're done and sweaty.


My fitness journey started several years before I joined 57Fit.  I was determined to get into shape but I did not have the right knowledge, movements, and motivation.  Before I knew it, I had injured my knee while running and I had barely lost an inch around my waist.  I was now in a worse spot than before since my knee started to prevent me from enjoying anything physical and it was limiting my ability to burn calories and the fat I had lost came right back.  At that point even walking my two dogs for 20 minutes was a painful experience. For almost 2 years I struggled in that state with little to no improvement in my knee.  


When my partner asked if I would be interested in sitting down with Marcus Watson and learning about his 57Fit training program I jumped at the chance.  During our first meeting I brought up my knee pains and struggles with weight loss.  Marcus asked lots of questions and took the time to really understand my situation.  For the first time in years I felt hope as Marcus walked me through a physical recovery plan to strengthen the muscles around my knee and he laid out the right way to eat.  Marcus' positive attitude, his desire to understand and fix my knee, and the goals he outlined made me feel like this was the trainer and program for me.  


Today virtually all of my knee pain is gone, I'm jumping high, playing volleyball, I've lost inches and plenty of pounds, I have more energy, and I feel great.  I still train with Marcus for all the same reasons I previously listed and also because he challenges me to become better and stronger every day.   Joining 57Fit was one of the most positive life changing decisions I have ever made.


I work in higher education.  I enjoy playing softball, hiking, and being fairly active.  I chose 57fit because I enjoy challenging my body to see how strong it can become.  I love the variety of workouts Marcus has his clients do from tire flips to sled pushes to boxing, each one challenges me in different ways.  I enjoy seeing myself rise to the challenge, conquer goals, and accomplish things I didn't think I could do.


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