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Workout 18

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Warmup:Repeat 2x

20 squats

20 glute bridges

20 supermans

20 second side plank




A1. Eccentric kneeling pushups or full pushups(you can use an elevated surface as well)

Complete 30 total reps, taking as long as needed to finish them all with good form


B1. Single Side get-ups- Perform 8 reps on each side (notice leg placement)

B2. Hinge to squat- Perform 15 reps with 1 second pause at bottom of each rep

Complete 3 sets


C1. Fire hydrant- Perform 15 reps each side

C2. Step-up- (Find a surface that allows you to step up comfortably but still a challenge) A stair, chair, box, could work. Perform 8 reps each

Complete 3 sets


D1. VSit-Perform 10 reps

D2. Russian Twist- Perform 60 seconds at a steady pace.

Complete 3 sets

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