Workout 21

Updated: 2 days ago

Hip thrust bodyweight-Perform 15 reps with squeeze at top.

Bird dog-Perform 10 reps each side

Side lying clamshell-Perform 12 reps each side

Compete 3 rounds

A1. Bodyweight Squat- Perform 5 squats then pause at the bottom on the 5th rep. Perform 4 squats then pause at the bottom on the 4th rep. Repeat this order until you get to 1

A2. Plank- Perform 45-60 second

Complete 3 sets

B1. Plank to knee/elbow- Perform 10 reps each side

B2. Alternating Lunge- Perform 45 seconds of lunges

Complete 3 sets

C1. Russian twist- Perform 12 reps each direction

C2. Rear foot elevated split squat - Perform 8 reps each side

Complete 3 sets

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