Workout 5

Updated: 2 days ago

Hip circles-perform 10 each direction

Kneeling get-ups-perform 8 steps each leg

Fire hydrant-perform 12 reps each side

Plank-perform 45 seconds

Complete 2 sets

A1.Tempo pushup- perform pushup with a 3 second descend and 1 second pause at the bottom without letting chest (hover) touch the surface.

Complete 6 reps

A2. Skaters-perform 10 hops each direction

A3. Single leg squat-perform 8 reps each side-view a surface (couch, chair) that allows for full range and control.

Or modified

Complete 3 set

B1. Emom- complete these movements every 2 minutes for 12 minutes. If it takes 1 minute and 30 seconds you have the remaining 30 seconds to rest

  1. Squats 12

  2. Walkout to knee in-8

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