Protein bars vs. Candy bars

Happy Monday everyone! One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is about protein bars. They are lauded as being healthy(which some are) but their are alot of bars that are just as bad as candy bars. Look out!Protein bar comparison


The top is a protein bar the bottom is a snicker.

Protein bars are considered healthy because of their high protein content. When looking closely some protein bars contain more sugar, fats and calories than candy bars.

The protein bar pictured is only 50g while the snicker bar is 59g. This means the totals would be even higher if they were the same size.

When picking protein bars look for single digit sugar, single digit fat, and a high protein content.

Otherwise there’s no big difference (besides protein and some fiber) with choosing a candy bar over over the protein bar.

Better yet just make a protein shake!

Just a little food for thought(pun intended).

In fitness,

Marcus 57FIT

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