4 lifts to improve back strength

A strong back isn’t synonymous with men. A strong back isn’t gender specific. Our back plays an integral part in our flexibility and movement from our glutes, spine, head, shoulders. Its important to build a strong back and take care of this large muscle.

When I read articles majority of the time their is a picture of a man in reference to the back. Its time we say, everyone should build a strong back. Period.

But on to the show. The following are 4 compound lifts to a stronger, more stable back. In addition all of  the movements recruit other muscles giving you an even bigger benefit than an isolation exercise (bicep curl). If you haven’t heard of these its time to add them to your workouts.

1. Farmers/Loaded Carries– We carry things all the time. This exercise is best performed with your chest up, shoulders straight, eyes forward, and walking in a smooth controlled manner. You can use a trap bar, kettlebell, or something else equally heavy. This video uses dumbbells.

2. One arm DB Row– This exercise is great to unilaterally work the arms, lats, traps, rhomboids, and more. If you every have to save someone or pick them up off the ground, you can thank this movement!

3. Pullup– Performed with numerous variations the pullup is great for developing overall back,  core, and bicep strength. Pullups are hard especially for individuals whom weigh more or lack upper body strength. The two aforementioned exercises will help strengthen your back and core which essentially can help with this movement. You can peform these assisted with a resistance band or pullup machine.

4. Deadlifts- The “chosen one”. This exercise is great for full posterior muscle development. From the glutes, hamstring, core, back, shoulders, arms, this movement is great. You can do this exercise with a straight bar or a trap bar to distribute some of the stress it puts on the body. The trap bar is safer also! Find what works for you.

This video uses the trap bar.

These are not the only exercises to improve back strength. This list is a starters point with numerous variations/ways to perform these movements. Good luck on your way to a stronger back!

Marcus “57FIT”

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