Finding the right fit for your fitness


We don’t need to be them, we need to be real with ourselves.

We all see it: 6 pack abs, chiseled arms, nice butt which some refer to as the squat booty. Legs that look like tree trunks with veins that look like roads to places we never knew existed.

How did we get here?

We then click on their social media and it starts. This is what they eat. They recommend this product. If you do this specific exercise for a set amount of reps this many times a week  you’ll look like them.


What backing does this person have? Are they a personal trainer? Registered Dietitian? Nutritionist? Do they have hours upon hours of hands on experience working with clients?

They look great and I applaud their body and all the hard work that comes with looking a certain way.

Here a few things to take into account:

  • Do they take supplements/drugs
  • Have they been enhanced(this is big)
  • How long have they followed an exercise/nutrition plan
  • Is this Photoshop or some sort of photo editing that makes them look that way

Following someone blindly can be haphazard especially when you don’t get the same results as them. They tout these amazing results and how they do it, Basically you need to be a clone of them.

Think about it this way. Your age, gender, BMR, macros, micros, water intake, body fat and muscle mass, bone density, current level of fitness and body type can all play into this.

Now are you really going to think about this before buying this persons exercise and food program and following everything they do, no. But hopefully you’ll take some things into consideration.

My one tip. If you’re looking for help find a credentialed trainer with reviews and a body of work. Someone who will individualize a program for you and your needs. Otherwise, experiment, experiment, experiment. There is more than enough info around to find what works for you. When you do your body will follow.

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