What are you eating: Underestimating calories

Hello and happy New Year to you all!

I hope 2017 brings continued growth and happiness in everything you do. Just wanted to drop a quick post on something I’ve seen way too often. The other day I was talking with this young man about his nutrition. He was frustrated and asked what I thought he was doing wrong as he couldn’t seem to shake the weight. He exercises regularly and from the sound of it his eating was great. He consumes lean protein, healthy fats, a few starchy carbs, and 5-6 servings of veggies and fruit daily. Not to mention his water intake was up around a gallon day.

After a few minutes I gave my opinion on what it was and he was ecstatic but saddened he didn’t catch it before. I told him I think he is underestimating what he consumes and doesn’t even think about it. There are:

4 calories in 1 gram carb

4 calories in 1 gram protein

9 calories in 1 gram fat

And there you have it! Although healthy fats are good for the body, the calories come quick. He said he uses olive oil and coconut oil as his two sources.

Breakfast 1-2 tablespoons

lunch 1-2 tablespoons

Dinner 1-2 tablespoons

We will use 2 tablespoons to paint the picture. There are about 120 calories and 14 grams of fat in 1 tablespoon oil. If he is consuming 6 tablespoons daily that’s 720 calories and  84 grams fat. A typical hard workout might burn around 400-500 in an hour. While calorie can be asinine at times especially if you have mastered your body, 700 calories daily adds up to 4900 calories in a week extra! This wasn’t taking into account the other fats he consumes throughout the day which seemed to put him well over 150.

After a few minutes we talked more about steaming and baking foods and looking at moderation with oils for cooking. It’s not about the oils, we tend to underestimate our consumption of foods in general. We at times think we are eating on the right track but didnt account for the large cappuccino, the sweet tooth snacking, and the small indulgences we have throughout the day. These are all fine but if our weight starts going in the right direction reevaluate those little things.

Calories matter in the grand scheme of things. Whether you are looking to lose or gain, calories paint the picture.

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